Wednesday, October 4, 2023


For more than 90 years, WTMJ-AM has been “Wisconsin’s Radio Station”.

It all began in 1927. In the same year “the Jazz Singer” became the first talking motion picture, and Charles Lindbergh first crossed the Atlantic Ocean on a solo voyage, history was being made in Milwaukee. The Milwaukee Journal, in a bid to sell more newspapers, bought a radio station and built a new powerful transmitter to broadcast programming. In April of that year, the FCC designated the station’s call letters WTMJ – for The Milwaukee Journal.

In 1947, the station moved to a beautiful art deco building to broadcast live programming. The building, which still houses our station today, was dubbed “Radio City”.

Today, the rich history and tradition that the station was built on continue to grow and flourish as part of Milwaukee-owned Good Karma Brands. WTMJ offers a news, talk and sports format, delivering unique and locally-produced content on-air, online and on mobile platforms. WTMJ is also the flagship station for the Milwaukee Brewers and Milwaukee Bucks – along with their statewide radio networks.

Now in our 10th decade of serving Wisconsin, WTMJ’s greatest days are in our future, as we take our commitment to a new level to provide Wisconsin with news, information, sports and involved community service.

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