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2023 Brewers Trivia Holiday Quiz

Welcome to your 2023 Brewers Trivia Holiday Quiz! I was inspired by the annual baseball quiz Tyler Kepner has provided for readers at The New York Times to make a Brewers-centric version. The intent of this quiz is just for bragging rights at your family holiday gatherings to see who really knows the most about the Brew Crew. There's a mix of both modern and early day questions so all ages can perform (or struggle) with the questions.

Some answers will come quickly, others ... not so much. But now you can enjoy the random bits of trivia that float in my head throughout the season or come up during my research for Bally Sports Wisconsin.


When you hit the start button, keep in mind all of your answers are registered. There is no "submit" button, but when you move to each page all of your answers for that page are submitted. So watch your spelling! If you forgot to answer a question, the page will not let you move on. If you don't know the answer, you can answer whatever you want, just don't leave it blank.

Answers and results will be on the final page of the quiz, and for goodness sake: don't open Baseball-Reference in another page. I hope you enjoy and good luck!

Dominic Cotroneo

Dominic Cotroneo

Dominic Cotroneo has been the host of Brewers content on WTMJ since the 2022 season. You can hear him on Brewers Extra Innings after most games and throughout the season on Brewers Weekly on WTMJ. You can follow him on X @Dom_Cotroneo

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